Tips to Put Members at Ease

Keeping your members has proven to be cheaper than continually recruiting new ones, but some of your staff members may not know exactly what they should be doing to help retain members. The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) offers the following five tips to attract and keep members.

1. Give new members a handout of gym lingo.
Unfamiliar words can increase a new member’s intimidation if they are new to the gym environment. But knowing commonly used words such as rep, set, working in, etc., can make a member more comfortable.

2. Your staff must appear approachable, especially your floor staff.
Staff members should be clean, well-dressed and willing to help. Uniforms can help members identify who is a staff member.

3. Staff members should be proactive with members.
Staff members need to take the initiative and introduce themselves to new members, as well as any members who they don’t know. It is part of their job to put members at ease.

4. Show members how to work the lockers.
Though locker use may seem self-explanatory, it may not be for new members who can already be apprehensive about the unfamiliar environment. Small details like demonstrating locker use mean a lot to members.

5. Promote classes and other activities.
If a staff member suggests that a member try out a new class or other gym activity, chances are good that the person will try it. And having staff promote new classes is much more effective than leaving new members to stumble across them on their own.

IHRSA executive director KD says, “The more comfortable we make our members, the more they will enjoy their membership, and the more they will refer friends and family. After all, the health club industry is a service industry.”